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Before we get into your work, can you just tell us a little bit about yourself? 

We are Sinem & Danae, two architecture students studying at Vienna University of Technology. We moved to Vienna 4 years ago from different countries in order to pursue our dream studies and we met during a workshop at university, when we were basically still two strangers in town. Our friendship grew bigger and bigger with time and we were always one of the biggest supporters of each other. Today we have a "if we don't see each other for a day, we already miss each other" kind of friendship :)

We are curious about your past and your style. When did you get started with art, what are your preferred topics and how would you describe your style?

We started our Instagram account @archbuddies_ in May 2020 during the first lockdown in Austria, in order to share our common passion for creating and visualizing illustrations. We were stuck in quarantine, and the idea of creating images that could explain a story, convey a feeling, without words at all, made our days more interesting. We wanted to combine architectural visualizations with different stories to give a different perspective to the well-known buildings, to present them with warm feelings rather than as solely cold images. We enjoy showing everyday situations, peaceful moments, such as being with a loved one, physically or mentally, meeting with a friend randomly, or just enjoying our very own moment. If you can see one of our illustrations and say "that reminds me of this and that...", then we think we have reached our goal. 

To be part of our project, we asked each artist to address certain issues in their designs that we should all think about more often. Can you briefly explain what your designs are about and what message you want to convey with your designs for maezen?

Our designs "Through the Window", originated from a window which has a different meaning in every other image and tells us a different story each time. For us, a window is not only an architectural element that can be described as an opening in a closed space, but rather a transparency between two worlds, freedom, communication space, imagination board, distance and much more. A window can represent a passage that can connect different places, timelines, people and realities, in a visible or invisible way. 

We all have a unique perspective in life, but in the end we can all meet under the same sky and share the same window if we really want to. In this case, we have tried to present five different stories associated with windows of our lives. Hope you will also find your own window through our work.

Last question. Is there one thing which is important to you that you would like to share with our community?

Art is a way to share ideas, learn new perspectives, touch the minds and hearts of others, and create a safe place for people to not only express their emotions through it but also to find comfort in the works of others. We see it that way and appreciate that the wonderful maezen community is allowing our work to be seen and making our work accessible to all kinds of people from different backgrounds.

Thank you guys for all of that,

Stay safe, stay inspired and take care :)

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