Vision | maezen

We collaborate with some of the most talented artists from all around the world to bring their artworks through intricate embroidery onto streetwear. The clothes become the canvas and the art is exhibited by you. With every purchase, the artist gets supported financially by receiving 10% of the profits.

All artworks carry messages that the artist wants to share with you. By wearing maezen you wear their art. You become a 'patron of the arts' or as it is called in German: 'Mäzen'.


2021. The year the two of us (Noah & Julian) decided to embark on a journey: Building an art-based streetwear brand.

With maezen, we want to support aspiring artists and give them the opportunity to spread their art through clothing.

At the center of the brand stands art. Together with you, we build a community that is inspired by art and sees its value the same way as we do. Help us leverage this brand to empower talented artists and creatives.